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Personal Data Privacy

Terms and Conditions

1. Personal data collected and processed by Idea Management App

For the purposes of these Personal Data Privacy Terms and Conditions, personal information shall mean the following:

1.1. Information (including, but not limited to, personal data), provided by the User independently to Emily Consulting LLC while performing actions aimed at registration of Emily Consulting LLC Modules (including activation) or within the framework of their use (including account creation and contacting the support service). The information is provided by filling in the applicable forms by the User, and the scope of information to be provided when filling in the said forms is determined by the User solely.

1.2. Information received automatically when Emily Consulting Modules are used by the User, including cookies (at downloading materials from websites of Emily Consulting LLC, the system data of the User is automatically checked;  information about User's system is automatically checked; when the User employs the communication tools, materials and messages sent and received by the User may be automatically saved; thereat, Emily Consulting LLC shall reserve the right to check the contents of such messaging effected by User on the websites thereof).

1.3. User data shall mean any information uploaded (or entered) by the User in the Modules of Emily Consulting LLC.

1.4. Other information about the User that is received by Emily Consulting LLC only for the purposes specified in Section 2 hereof.


2. Purposes of user personal data collection and processing

Collection, storage and processing of data specified in Section 1 hereof shall be effected only for the following specific purposes:

2.1. For the purposes of identifying the User within the framework of using the Modules of Emily Consulting LLC;

2.2. Emily Consulting LLC uses cookies for the purposes of personalization of traffic counting (including provision of the User with personalized services) and registration of the actions of the User.

2.3. For the purposes of interaction with the User within the framework of contracts or agreements concluded between the User and Emily Consulting LLC.

2.4. For the purposes of performing statistical and other researches based on anonymized data (including public opinion poll carried out among the Users in regard to various products and services provided by Emily Consulting LLC).


3. Terms and conditions of user personal data processing and sharing thereof with third parties

3.1. Storage (including alteration and deletion) of User Personal Data shall be effected in accordance with the functions and intended use of specific Modules of Emily Consulting LLC, technical documentation thereof, and Software License Agreement thereto.

3.2. Disclosure of personal data to third parties shall be effected on the occurrence of any of the following:

3.2.1. The User has agreed on such disclosure in advance.

3.2.2. Disclosure is required for the purposes of contract performance when the User acts as a party, or a beneficiary, or a pledger thereto, and for the purposes of contact conclusion at the discretion of the User, or conclusion of such contract that the User is to be a beneficiary or pledger thereunder.

3.2.3. Disclosure is required for the purposes of protection of rights or legitimate interests of Emily Consulting LLC or third parties provided that the User violates the copyrights of Emily Consulting LLC, and/or applicable License Agreement.

3.2.4. Disclosure is required for the purposes of connection and/or registration of third-party software products in the name of the User, or the organization represented by the User.

3.2.5. Disclosure us required for the purposes of the administration of justice, execution of a court ruling, acts of other authorities or officers that are subject to execution in accordance with the Russian Federation laws on enforcement proceeding, or in the occurrence of any other event envisaged by the current Russian Federation laws.

3.2.6. When processing the user personal data, Emily Consulting LLC shall act in conformity with the Russian Federation Federal Law “On personal data”.


4. Exemption clauses

4.1. Emily Consulting LLC shall not initiate the publication of personal data at the usage of the Modules of Emily Consulting LLC, control the accuracy and relevancy thereof; however, Emily Consulting LLC shall reserve the right to request the confirmation of accuracy of the information provided by the User.

4.2. At publication of personal data (provision of personal data to Emily Consulting LLC) of third parties, the User shall guarantee that he/she has obtained the necessary authorization and consent to the said actions, and guarantees the complete and unconditional consent of the said third parties to all the provisions hereof.

4.3. Emily Consulting LLC shall not be liable for the collection, storage and processing of personal data performed by means of third-party software developments included in 1C-Bitrix Products.

4.4. Emily Consulting LLC shall not be able to maintain the privacy of personal data of the User that has been placed for public access by the User by virtue of the functions and intended use of the Modules of Emily Consulting LLS. The User shall agree that a part of his/her personal data can be accessed by the general public at the usage of such Modules.


5. Personal data protection

5.1. Emily Consulting LLC shall take all necessary legal, organizational and technical measures, or ensure the implementation thereof for the purposes of personal data protection from unauthorized or accidental access to such data, alteration, blocking, copying, disclosure, distribution of personal data, and other illegal actions in relation to personal data.


6. Final provisions

These Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally altered by Emily Consulting LLC by means of publication of the revised version hereof on the Internet at the website In case of discrepancies between these Terms and Conditions and Software License Agreement with the User, the latter shall prevail.


7. Contact details of Emily Consulting LLC

Emily Consulting LLC

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